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Question about prop guards


New Member
Nov 19, 2021
United Kingdom
I often use prop guards when I have to do close up photography, but I wonder about putting them on all four props, since I'm not likely to back into anything.

Do people here know if it would dangerously unbalance the aircraft if I just put them on the front props?
The drone will compensate by 'rev'ing the front motors to adjust for the imbalance..... so in theory it should be ok but the added speed needed might cause deformed prop warnings during any vigorous 'aerobatics'.
Also unless you have after market 'single motor guards' I suspect you would significantly weaken any guards intended to span two motors i.e. DJI guards, by cutting them down to individual motors and I do not know if they will fit running side to side i.e. across the drone rather than fore-aft.
You didn't say which drone you are flying which might change my reply. But IMO there are very light weight but effective prop guards (not the DJI cages) that wouldn't make that much difference in weight and power needed. But I don't think I'd want to imbalance my drone, especially if I ever lost GPS and went into vision or atti modes. If your drone ever switches itself into atti mode while sporting only front guards, good luck to you :).
@vindibona1 , it's in the Mini 2 forum.
An interesting point about ATTI etc. but I doubt it would make any difference to the behaviour of the drone in ATTI mode, I suspect other sensors are involved in keeping the drone level, GPS and VPS are 'merely' position 'sensors'.

If I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me.
the prop guards are designed to fit either side of the aircraft ,and it means that the airframe remains in balance trying to remove the rear pair would not be beneficial in any way ,
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