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questions about Airdata


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Nov 21, 2022
New York, NY, USA
Made an account with airdata this weekend . a couple of questions:
what is the purpose of this whole program? is it for part 107 pilots who log flights for insurance purposes?
i connected it to litchi and downloaded airdata on my smart controller. will it only sync flights made with litchi or will it log all my flights, including the ones made on go 4?
why is it free? im not complaining, just nervous if their doing something with my data?
What information does it read from the flight logs? im not familiar with what data is recorded so if anyone has a list i would appreciate it.
Have a good evening.
First, I would say it is so you can analyze your flight data.
Second, you can use it as a log of your flights when needed.
The first level is free and with a paid account you can log more flights and also learn about winds aloft during your flights.
My recommendations is to upload all your flight data manually so you know exactly what is uploaded and also where the original files are located on your device. No need to be nervous as you learn about each of your flights.
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thanks for the fast response. how would i upload my flights manually?
When using a pc, click on "my logs" then "upload" and a drag and drop box appears.
There is also an automated upload process via an app but I dont use thatso you will have to google it or read the probable instructions on airdata.
I do not know if airdata will process Litchi logs but be aware that Litchi produces from memory three and possibly four type of logs, these are
1) & 2) a .txt and a .DAT, I think these are stored in a similar location but I can't remember the path to it,
3) a csv which is realtively small.
You would do better to use the .txt and airdata might not be able to process the other two.

If you really want to look into the logs then phantomhelp's logviewer produces a much better csv and that csv can be processed by CsvView for graphical results.

A processed std DJI .txt processed by phantomhelp produces a csv with 190+ colums with some being 'duplicates, the litchi txt is similar.
Have a read of
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It saves all your logs and data, so you get the statistics for the battery, signal, problems, total flight time, etc.
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Big fan of airdata. It just basically records all your flights so you have a log if needed.. The more professional packages they offer is geared more to corporations, allow fleet management, custom reports, checklists, maintenance logs, etc etc etc.
I am at the gold level, and its plenty for what I do.

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