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RC 2 screen went black / off in use.


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Dec 28, 2022
I had the RC 2 resting on the floor of my excavator, filming some work (likely in the sun) and the screen went black/off for a few seconds during flight. The screen retuned to normal shortly and I landed the drone, the screen went black again after landing and it seemed as if the screen didn’t respond to touch input while it was “off”. I restarted the controller and kept it out of the sun and it seemed to function normal for a battery of flight.
I listened for the rc fan but the machine was running and I couldn’t tell if the fan was running fast or not. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Was it just overheated?
Does the RC2 actually have a fan? I have the previous gen without the antennas and I know it has a little heat sink and some vent holes but I don't remember it actually having an internal fan. Definitely any screen-based device in the sun will begin to overheat. It happens with phones and my virtual tour camera that I use for real estate photography as well. They are not designed for continuous exposure to the sun. If you think this is something that will happen for your uses you may we wish to purchase or build a shroud for it.
The RC2 definitely has a fan, the latest firmware update I did made it sound like the RC2 was going to fly away on its own, the fan was so powerful.

Can't say I've experienced the same thing as the OP with a black-screen, but with the screen in direct sun light, I lost the ability to switch between 24mm and 70mm cameras, the screen button would not work, had someone else try too.
FYI---if you accidentally touch the power button it will make the screen go dark. Just touch tap the power button again to make the screen light up.
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