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RC disconnets


May 29, 2018
I am a newbe to DJI, but not to drones. Problem: My RC ONLY CONNECTS use the function buttons method. Once I have a solid green light the drone lifts off and hovers at about 6ft.. At that point the RC losses connection and will not reconnect . I can land only by using button on the controller but not the joy sticks.
So for, I have updated the mavic air using assistant 2, I but, ( I assume,) because the RC is not linked I cannot download the update to it..I tried everything in the vids to the letter to no avail. I searched this site but haven't found more tips as of yet..
I thought about a factory reset but haven't found any instructions thus far. I know have missed or misunderstood something along the way. But don't know what..
I can find the keyboard on a PC WIN 7 AND LT WIN 10 but get lost in techno babble.
Has this happened from new? What phone or tablet are you using? Have you tried connect your device to the RC's bottom USB port instead of the side connector?
No, right out of the box, with update notice when I first noticed the alert on the app and completed it. So initial update yes. I don't recall if the RC was part of that update. That said, first flight work flawess. I just flew it an took sample vids.
Then after reading forever about other updates I downloaded Assistant 2 for phantom which someone said was the right one, can't remember the version.
Since then I flew it times first time it seamed right, very short flight to film on golf course range. Same day slightly different place the freeze in place 6 ft with no control other than emerg. Land. Then I noticed the green light had turn red. After reviewing the forum and vids.i found the only way to connect was the hold the bunch in buttons.
So, I can't get assistance 2 to recognize the RC since it's not connected to drone.
I cut myself off. To continue. You asked if I connected to the USB and the answer is yes if you are referring to update of formware I also tried to hock up to the RC TO MAV to see if it could update that way. Silly me.
I hope I co ever everything.
I bought a brand new ipad mini 4 and only use it for this drone. I watched a vid ( ill get back with the details ) where this guy did a compardon of android vs. Mac. The conclusion was that OSI was just plain better working with DJI Mavic Air. In addition he stated that a dedicated device would always work better than one that has a load of apps on it. Basically, it can prosses quicker without the clotter and fragmented files interferring (me no wire head) . SO I bought the new mini 4 and the RC connects quickly and doesn't drop the connection like my note 8 did( and 4 other android pads)since then I've connected dozens of times now both indoors and in an area that has lots of interference (so luck no longer applies). Bottom line, i threw money at the problem and its working great.
I'll find that vid and drop you all another response.
OK found it! "The vid is titled "The real reason your device won't DJI GO" 4" Drone Valley.
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