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Reduce pan speed to '7 second rule of thumb'?


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Mar 23, 2017
Kenilworth, UK
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I am mainly using my Mavic for viewing things that are hard-to-get-to, and in particular possible cave entrances in cliff faces. I would very much like to start each flight of this nature with a full 360° pan to establish the location and also allow later verification of the position (GPS is often unreliable near cliff faces).

My first attempts simply yawed the drone at full speed -- not good results. I have since tried Tripod Mode ... but this still gives jerky results: a 360° pan in Tripod mode takes 14 seconds, yet the 7-second rule suggests it should take about 42 seconds (the horizontal field of view of the Mavic camera being about 65°).

I can achieve this approximately by being gentle with the stick .. but I would really like to have a constant yaw speed with the stick at full right (or left). Is there a way to reduce the rotation (yaw) rate automatically? (And a sub-question .. why doesn't Tripod Mode make that the maximum yaw rate by default?)