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How to fix juddering

I am having limited success with using a faster frame rate. and panning slowly. It doesn't always work. The frame rate depends on the speed of your pan. I also take smaller yaws never using more than 25 percent of the spin at a slow yaw. 30fps. I would not use around filter as it slows shudder speed. Nothing is perfect and it seems to be an issue with all of the models. Shooting at 4k also seems to be smoother.
The 60 fps worked really well in my testing, some of the pans were faster but still smooth. I didn't see much difference between 1080, 2.7k and 4k honestly, but once I saw evidence of shudder I stopped looking. I don't need it to be 100% perfect, but the 60 fps really seemed to be just about perfect and certainly WAY better than 30 fps. I never did 60fps since that turns off OA, but in these circumstances it doesn't matter for me.
Have you tried dialling down the gimbal rates on the controller?

In my tests, the pan rate didn't really matter much. I'm assuming that is what you mean, to force a slower pan speed.

Even at faster pan rates the 60fps provided smooth video in my tests.
Have you tried making these moves in CINE mode, and perhaps adjusted them for a slower motion as you pan. I know you indicated you tried slower panning, perhaps something more controlled may help?

The video posted looked very contrasty in spots, not what I was expecting for the seeming location, unless it was all due to the sun?
I have spot also with the mini 4 pro and the Air 3 maybe it is the new update that needs fixed?


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I have spot also with the mini 4 pro and the Air 3 maybe it is the new update that needs fixed?
If the sun is directly behind you and your drone is looking at the ground, light is reflected off shiny objects (blades of grass for example or field crops) and shows up as a shiny spot in the center of view. You can get rid of this by changing you flight angle away from the sun directly behind you.
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I hadn't heard the term "jello" before I started looking into this - it is definitely not jello - it is studder/jerky playback at times.

I know this is bad because you are introducing streaming into the mix (as well as editing), but this is an example of what I'm referring to - 1:35-1:45 or so:

Please don't judge my editing skills..... I'm still learning :D
I don't see any "judder." What I see in that clip is just some uneven panning that seems to come from moving forward and panning at the same time on a windy day, I think?
Rwilliam99, You might try processing your video with iMovie and save it directly from the timeline in .mp4

Thanks, but that wouldn't work for me as I don't have a mac. I do typically render in mp4 from Davinci Resolve though.

I'm not sure it would help anyway, as this exists in the raw footage - unless iMovie has some magic to fix it.

Regardless, shooting in 60fps fixed the issue for me.
I have a few commercial accounts that post the videos on Facebook to show building progress, or real estate. I edit in DaVinci via proxy files. My commercial Drone is an Air 2S. My customers have never complained about the quality.
I never noticed Juttering until early this year when I decided to play some videos on a large Samsung Smart TV (Very new).
The juttering was noticed when flying parallel to my subject........ but not on my computer.
Since then, I started trying all of the recommendations I read about with some success.
I usually shoot at 4k 60 with a shutter of 1/120 ISO 100, but I will sometimes bump it up to 200 to get a better exposure. It doesn't affect the quality that I can notice. I shoot in LOG, and in morning Daylight and prefer slightly overcast days for lower contrast. Generally, with a 32 or 64 ND filter.
I usually deliver in 1080 to meet size requirements, but I also, get good results in 4K
I do more forward and reverse movements and fewer sideways movements
When I do the sideways movement, I fly slow to comply with that that 7 second rule.
I lean to the idea that Juttering is caused by the playback , not the recording. But I'm still learning too.
I Have and edit on a Crappy HP Laptop running Windows 11. and the Windows video viewer and I export in MP4 60fps
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