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Registering my business as an Operator in Spain


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Sep 16, 2020
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Hi guys,

I am looking to register my business as an "Operator" so that my drone pilots can fly commercial. I understand the requirements needed to become an "Operator" but i'm looking for a link or form to complete and register?

Can anyone help me please?
May 31, 2018
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I did this over 1 year ago. It's was all in Spanish. Now it's partly available in English. The system changed to fully online. You require a digital DNI/NIE certificate to sign and verify documents. Web browser of choice is Internet Explorer. Newer browsers don't allow the use of the digital certificate. CLAVE is also an option for access.

This is where you start the process. Access the application. Then chose from the list on the next page. Access with digital certificate. Digital certificate allows uploading and signing the documents, easiest option.

I can't remember what documents are essential for registration. You fill out the A1 form (Application). Name, address, types of drones. Purpose of operations. Names of pilots. It's reasonable straight forward.

I registered with a slightly different name from my digital certificate. Instead of name, middle name, surname. I used name surname. This blocked use of my certificate because it wasn't a match with the certificate.

So I printed the documents, signed and posted them. I sent the A1, pilot license, medical certificate and insurance. About 1 week later AESA had added an alias to my registration so I could use the digital certificate and approved my application. I received notification of acceptance through the digital office system.

In addition to the initial document you require to have available for inspection. Operations manual. The pilot training agency will provide a current manual for editing for about 200€. It's worth the money, you go through the document and add the name of your business, etc.

A technical spec of the drones used. This includes size, weight, dimensions, pictures of the drone. Like a car sales brochure.

You should have flight records of the drones on a spreadsheet, maintenances manuals and details of the batteries.

The application process for Registered Operator is straight forward if your Spanish language is good. It's well explained in the forms, documentation. Theres a PDF file available in Spanish on how to access the AESA RPA website and fill out the forms.