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Remote suddenly lost signal!


New Member
Sep 22, 2018
Yesterday I flew with my magic 2 pro for the third time. I had some magnetic interferences first, after calibration it seemed to be ok. I started the mavic and had it approx 20 metres above Home when all of the sudden I/Remotecontroll lost the connection to it! It stood there for a minute and then started to fly by its own! Horrible! I wanted to use the return to home button but it was greyed out. The drone then came down and stopped 2 meters above me. I had to catch it from underneath which made it very angry (it was fighting against me - as if i was a superstrong wind). After a minute it stopped the motors. Relief...

1. What had happened? Why and how can it lose connection to the remote?
2. How can I stop the drone if that happens again?
Thanks! Screenshot_20180922-204049.jpg
It has happened to me a dozen times already which is quite scary on a 1500$ piece of equipment, It happens when the app crashes, and believe me it's the app. Close the app unplug the USB from controller plug it back in and reinitialize the app, all should be well. ALSO TAKE NOTE TO NOT MOVE THE DRONE DOING THIS POINT. I've also noticed it change its home point after restarting app so make sure to make controller location the home point if you notice this happen after a crash
so when the app crashes does the drone just hover?....or does it try to fly to china somewhere? this happening on android ?.. very scary for sure....closing out the app and unpluging the usb and plugging it back seems like alot of time...but i guess thats the only thing you can do ..
As long as you haven't lost connection between AC and RC, you can still control it, including just hover if you don't move the sticks.
If you are in IFM, hit the pause button or briefly switch out of P mode and back.
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