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Ribblehead Viaduct, UK

Very nice flight. I especially like your up-and-pan at 0:41. Very pro looking.
Nice. Probably not legal but nice.
(Just be a little but careful, BTP did prosecute someone for a very similar video near a railway bridge in North Wales from his youtube video).

And yep, needs trimming, i got a lot of black and confusion at the end.
Oh dear!!! Bringing back memories to an old codger . . .

First time I saw Ribblehead was late June 1958 when I crossed it with Mum and Dad on my first long distance holiday - heading up to Caithness to visit relatives and on the Thames Clyde Express

Going across in a steam hauled train and then the descent to Carlisle - and going down the corridor to the restaurant carriage at 60mph. Wibble-wobble all the way.

Couldn't fill tea cups more than half full or they'd fill the saucer.

Oh dear, I'm showing my age . . .

But still a happy memory - and all brought on by a brilliant little video. :)
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