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Rookie here, rookie issues with Litchi vs Go 4...


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May 11, 2017
Hey all,

So, I have been tweaking and trying to figure out all the things I can do with my Mavic, but I have all kinds of questions. If anyone can chime in, it would be greatly appreciated!

1. Stupid NFZ: I live 1.5 miles from an airstrip (very small) and my drone is locked in NFZ unless I put on my sweet *** tinfoil diaper I made it, but then I have to fly in ATTI, which is a little scary. I have emailed [email protected] three times with my co-ordinates, my location on google maps, and the certified letter I got from the flight tower telling me they could care less if I fly my drone all over the boundary of the airport as long as I do not go over 400ft in altitude. They have not responded, even after I called support twice and both times they told me they would "let me know I am waiting"... It has now been five weeks since the first email went out.

2. DJI Go 4 app works great, except for the stupid warning that I HAVE to upgrade my firmware (I am on .400 for a multitude of reasons) so I bought the Litchi app just so that I do not have to deal with that BS. The Go 4 app is always yelling at me that I am in ATTI mode and I am being dangerous and my firmware is toxic, yada yada yada... The Litchi app just basically says "have fun dude, you are an adult, and we will treat ya like one". But, here are my quirks I cannot figure out so far...

1. In the Go app I could not get over 20 feet altitude, found out it was the diaper, ATTI mode locks you under 20 feet, which is even more dangerous than the whole flying in the NFZ garbage. Vision mode locks you at 30ft, just as dumb. (I just figured that one out)

2. In the Go app, the drone was locked at 20 MPH max, found out it was the collision avoidance setting, I turned that off and now get around 42-45 mph in sport. Well the Litchi app, with the exact same settings only does 30-32 MPH for some reason. Anyone know what that can be?

3. Anyone have a link for a device that can charge all my batteries at once, instead of DJI's charger that strangely only charges one at a time?
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