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RTH Crash

And to clarify even further, the Mavic 3 Classic remote controller does not have protruding antenna tips. The top of the remote controller should be pointed toward the aircraft like this:

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Oh noooo! Never mind, that controller is limited reception, I sunset an RC Controller instead, or wait till the new Mini 4pro controller gets a firmware update and works with he M3series. Or buy an RC Pro Controller Preown for $600
Correction, the antennas should be pointed in an angle or completely up or down. Wen the drone is located, if is on top of you, antennas up, If is 45 degrees from you then a ten as in an angle, if the drone is flying low or directly in front of you the antennas flat down. Also one antenna up the other down or in an angle and the other up, depending on the movements you are doing. In my case as Im inspecting a cel tower that is in front of me, then the antennas are up and in a 30degree angle.
I may not be understanding you, but i think you are wrong.


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