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Screen Recorder, Mic, and Facebook Livestream


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Apr 1, 2022
On a lark, I took a chance and ordered an external button mic from ebay. It arrived today. It has the typical USB-A connector, it takes an A type to C type adapter to plug into the RC Pro. There's a system setting in the RC Pro that lets you check off on recording audio while screen recording. When I plugged the mic in the RC Pro recognized the mic. I then did some test screen recordings and it works with the built-in screen recorder. Since it is the RC Pro I used the Amazon Appstore for any apps downloaded.
The next thing I tried was another screen recorder app that will allow you to not only do a screen recording in 1080p, but also works as a streaming device that will:
  • Livestream or Multi-stream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and GameSee simultaneously (from Amazon Appstore)
After downloading this app, I played around with it, doing plain screen recordings, then after authorizing Facebook connection, did a test stream from the RC Pro to my Facebook account. Be aware I was using my home wi-fi on the device as well as my laptop when looking at the livestream broadcast.
It made a connection fairly fast, and although there was maybe a 10-15 second lag between the Pro and my Facebook laptop screen, the quality was very good with little to no breakups during the test. Total broadcast was around 1 minute and it looked very good.

All in all, although I won't be doing livestreaming much, it is nice to know that my little microphone from eBay did the trick. The volume from the RC Pro even at the loudest setting leaves a lot to be desired, when I played it through my laptop speakers the sound was very good.
I've inserted the info I used The eBay mic says PC/MAC but it works on the RC Pro android system as well
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