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Simulator start up.


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Feb 10, 2017
UK, Derbyshire, nearest junction, M1 J28.
I see from reading the 'similar threads' when I started writing this that the simulator is not very popular. This is possibly because it cannot be used until you have a live and registered aircraft. This lack of availability was flagged in Oct & November 2016, with the benefits of availability before actually flying pointed out, but there is still no change. For people with no 'stick memory' from previous flying experience I think it would be really beneficial to gain some prior experience of handling the controller, before risking the actual aircraft.

So, I've downloaded Assistant 2, installed in on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 and started the Simulator.
It's disconcerting that the initial screen asks me to connect an Inspire, but eventually doing nothing seems to work, and the programme recognises it's a a Mavic on the end of the cord.

The PC is plugged into the Aircraft, the Remote Controller and Android Visual Device both switched on, and connected together. That's where I am, but I seem to have lucked into full connectivity just by 'messing around'. What is the correct sequence of events?
Switch on Visual Device, then Controller, or Controller then Visual Device, then switch aircraft on?
Do I only plug connect the aircraft and PC AFTER the three devices are running, or should I plug connect the aircraft and PC before starting the three devices used for normal flying?

I've been looking for an Instructional tutorial, but haven't found one for the Mavic, from DJI or elsewhere.
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