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Skyzone Sky02x FPV goggles with the Crystalsky


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Jul 27, 2017
Western Australia
I've been looking at options to allow another person to see the camera view FPV while I flew the drone.

I didn't want to invest in the DJI goggles as they are expensive and bulky.
Also I already have the Epson BT-300's to fly the drone so it's a luxury to have DJI goggles just for a third party FPV view.

A couple of options I have tried just to provide the passive FPV view

1) Epson BT-300 glasses mirroring an Ipad Mini 4 , the Ipad Mini 4 is controlling the drone through DJI G04 and the Epson is passively mirroring the Mini 4 screen using the AirScreen App.
This is a wireless setup and in the field you'll need a wireless network/hotspot to connect the mini 4 and bt-300 to. The wi-fi network quality will deterime the feed quality and latency
Latency in the feed is not an issue, as you are not using the glasses to fly the drone. I've tried this in the home but not in the field and it appears to work well.

2) Connecting my Skyzone SkyO2cx goggles to the Crystalsky via the HDMI output. The Crystalsky output is 1920 x 1280 at 60fps, so the quality is very good without any lag.
The FPV googles are much lighter and less bulky than the DJI Goggles even if you have to carry around the mini HDMI to HDMI cord.

Are there any other methods to provide a passive FPV view without having to resort to the DJI Goggles ?
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