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Stick calibration off by 15%


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Dec 6, 2017
right stick off by 15% have calibrated and restored and rest etc etc etc

slight drift to the right when flying I have read multiple threads on this anyone got an answer on this im currently downgrading the software .. was speaking with dji support and they stated send it in and they will decide if I have to pay or not so I left that conversation as I would of exploded on the poor guy as its not my fault and I have dji refresh

anyhow anyone any issues like this and or know a resolution apart from sending it off as its nice weather here lately and I dont want to be ,missing a few nice flights

thanks in advance
yawing slightly to the right pal I have brought the software downgrade to -----100 on controller and on drone . imu reset and rest sensors etc didnt fly it yet today anything else I can try cheers also