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May 4, 2018
Sorry if I am starting a repetitive topic but when I searched there were a few old ones so wanted to see if there were any new opinions
I am thinking of using style settings 0, -2,-2
Shoot 2.7k 100iso, 24fps, shutter speed 50 Profile Cinelike-D Adjust conditions accordingly I.e sunny, cloudy etc
Comments? Suggestions? Haven’t tried yet so can comment on results. Cheers!
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I would also like to know what settings others are using. I’ve been reading a lot about this topic and people’s opinions differ. It also depends when the review or opinion was made. Later app updates changed things. Most information I find isn’t from late 2017 or 2018.

For cinematic footage it seems like d-cinelike may be the best for my needs. I also saw someone use the “blue” profile with good results. Of course these options require more post production. Which I am new too. But enjoy doing so far.

I’m thinking of trying TrueColor, that looks to give good results straight out of the drone with minimal or no changes needed. But less of the “cinematic” look. It’s hard to choose what to go for, lifelike and cinematic are both nice.

I’ve been shooting in 4K 30fps but may change that to 2.7k 30 fps.

It doesn’t seem like the sharpness issue is much of a problem anymore. I’m using 0, -1, -1 as of now.

I just ordered ND filters this morning. From what I gather they are a must if you want to follow the 180 degree rule. Then keeping your ISO at 100. Shutter speed as close to double your chosen frame rate as possible.

EDIT: I’m a new Mavic Pro user and also new to videography and photography. I’m soaking in as much info as I can and really enjoy it. I had the Spark and was loving it until it flew away, a replacement is coming tomorrow...which I’ll sell. I didn’t want to go without a drone during the nice season and didn’t want a WiFi drone, so that is why I’m here, bought the Mavic. I tend to get a tad obsessed with any new hobby. ;)
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A lot of this depends on how you intend to use the final footage. YouTube footage for your friends, is completely different from stock photo submissions. The latter requires a much higher lever of polish.

I’ve found that 4K 30 gets most out of your camera, obviously, but if you will never be rendering on a 4K device, or selling 4K, I can understand not wanting to deal with the extra file sizes.

0 sharpness will get you noise reduction and mushy “watercolor” effect, especially in shadows and especially in lower light. +1 will produce a bit of noise but is manageable at lower ISOs with good exposures. ND filters help smooth the graininess by slowing the shutter.

As for contrast, -2 seems a bit flat for “out of the camera” use of footage without post, but is better than an overly contrasty image

As for color, cinelike is good, or none depending on how much post you want to do. If you don’t mind a bit of post, go with d-log, as it gathers the most pixel info.

You will need to experiment to settle on the combination which suits your needs.
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