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Air 3 SUNSET - Forest Park, Queens, New York City | AFTER ALL THIS TIME | Project Arjun


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May 18, 2021
New York, NY

Pilot Log: This flight possessed challenges, from irregular terrain to flying within one of the most densely populated cities in the country (from human population, to gridlocked traffic, to an extremely busy airspace). This site is one of five sites where UAV pilots are permitted to fly within the City of New York. At first, there was a lot of uncertainty in filming the sunset from this vantage point. However, this flight proved to be successful - filming arguably, the best sunset of 2023. I first thought the sunset would set calmly behind the Manhattan skyline. However, the sunset was in perfect alignment with the Verrazano Bridge. Technical: Thanks to the DJI Air 3, set the perfect shot using a combination of its 3x and 1x lens throughout the filming process - filmed using Hybrid Log Gamma [HLG]). No LUT was applied in Post. A UV filter was installed prior to the flight. Filming Location: Forest Park, Queens, New York Filming Date: Friday, December 8, 2023Otherwish an emerging Artist in the EDM/Progressive House community with only two tracks released thus far, one of which I used as the background music for much of this film. Dash Berlin's Time After Time is featured in the remaining 90 seconds - very fitting in acoustic form. 1. Track Title: After All This Time Artist: Otherwish This Never Happened2. Track Title: Time After Time (2023, Acoustic Remix) Artist: Dash Berlin, DubVision, & Emma Hewitt North Sea Music There are an overwhelming number of landmarks (both historic and non-historic) to be pointed out throughout this film such as: - Verrazano Bridge (it's tall stature is visible from miles away connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island) - Franklin K. Lane High School (Spider Man was filmed here) - Elevated J-Train (goes to Broad Street, Manhattan and Jamaica Center, Queens) - Forest Park Clubhouse- Forest Park Golf Course- Various Cemeteries (i.e. Cypress Hills) - with historical significance dating back to America's Revolutionary War - Arthur Ash Stadium (Home of the US Open) - Whitestone Bridge- Jackie Robinson Parkway (notorious for its 2-lane setup)- World Trade Center- Empire State Building- One Bryant Park - Williamsburg Bridge - Emerging Supertalls in Manhattan Notable Neighborhoods Highlighted in Film: - Woodhaven, Queens NY - Glendale, Queens, NY- Ridgewood, Queens, NY - Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY The sunset was magnificent - blanketing much of the city even after setting over the horizon leaving a haze. Viewer Tips: Watch in 4K, wear headphones, and sit back and relax. | Project Arjun | FAA Part 107 Certified Follow Me on Instagram @ project_arjun
Thank You @MARK (LI) I greatly appreciate your feedback
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