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Sweden: Flying around Nyköping in July

Olav van Gerven

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Jun 11, 2019
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To all the Swedish Pilots:
I will be in the area around Nyköping in July and intend to get some footage. Have had contact with authorities (Skavsta Tower and Landmäteriet) about the rules and regulations, but now I'm looking for some tips.

One thing I intend to do is get some early morning footage of sunrise (or late night for sunset) and maybe some footage of the early morning foggy clouds above the fields. Another place is the ruin of an old church near Björkvik. Since there is housing relativly close to the ruin, I thought of contacting the people that live there to announce my flight, so they on't get upset and feel observed and might call the police, even if I am allowed to fly there, I don't want the discussions. Do you consider this a good idea?

And I am open for tips where to fly.

Thanks (and if you live there, I spent you a coffee if we meet)