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"Take the Leap!" a Paragliding Short

Just a HERO

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Apr 27, 2021
Hello guys,

I will start off by saying the truth and just the truth.
This is a project of mine which does not include a lot of drone shots, but it is a project that I wasn't even aware I was going to do it.

This is my first Paragliding experience and I think I'm in love. I became the drone itself for a mere 15 minutes :D
Flight itself was recorded at least 2 months ago, while the Ad opportunity came along after (there is a creative ad at the beginning of the video ~ another honest truth).\
Basically the footage in which the product is shown is recorded after I even had an idea this is what the video will look like. I basically went out there (Paragliding), had fun and this opportunity came along, so I went back out there and recorded some B-rolls to make everything look like it was shot in a day...

Either way, He (the pilot) does have the Motor Para option but he needed to get all his registrations and permits in place. Once he does, I'm gonna opt-in for a couple of rides like that. At this point he only does winch for take-offs and reach to desired altitude. For this flight, he released the cable at 600 meters up. I got a 10 time flight subscription to him so... more to go... because I feel a passion rising inside.

Hope I don't get trashed by sharing this alongside my honest thoughts and would love to see some critique off you guys.

Greatly appreciated as always,

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