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Taking your little drone on holiday.


Ain’t got a clue but it’s fun trying..
Premium Pilot
Sep 19, 2018
Essex, England
Hi all,

I know this subject has more than likely been covered before but I wanted to share my experience with you.

1st off I bought my M2P & fly more kit while I was on holiday. Loved the size so thought it would be more practical for travelling. I also purchased a 20 litre dry bag so I could take it on the beach & not have to worry about sand & rain, when it rains here you know ito_O (Sint Maarten in the Caribbean) I had the Mavic in the air almost every day, I have been flying drones before so knew what I was doing but not flown in the last year was also a little rusty, had some help here from some great 1st class people.Thumbswayup

Well that horrible time came, holiday over.. so thought this is where the fun starts, taking the drone home. Packed it in my dry bag with my GoPro. Pic below,
So to recap I have my drone, 3 batteries & GoPro with 2 batteries in the dry bag. Went through security at the airport with no problem ( Sint Maarten) all went on as (carryon)

Then it was off to Charles de Gaulle airport (France) where we had to take our connection flight to Heathrow. Also had no problems there with security, again I took it on as (carryon)

So my experience was excellent. I think they must see so many drone now going through security, must be like taking normal cameras on holiday.

So in my eyes if your worried about taking a drone with you on your hols (vacation) don’t worry just do it.

I’d taken another drone about 3/4 years ago & only got stopped once for a checkup & to see what was in the drone box.;);)
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Glad all went well Porky even though I didn't get no postcard .Cool Chicken.gif
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Hey dirk,

Postcard on its way to you. Being delivered by Amazon via one of their drones:p

Yep had a great holiday & glad I bought the M2P, what a great little flying thingy.. still doing the EYE stair, these are all the things I’d missed;)

I just thought I’d post something on here about airport travel with our dronesThumbswayup
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