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The Cell Phone Tower

All of these are cool and going to add one just because I made It. While back this year they were talking about how you couldn't/shouldn't fly around them so went out knowing better and did this for that thread. Well thread died so never showed it.Just did.
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Interesting, I'm an electronics engineer for my day job and we do a lot of testing on how strong radio signals can affect microprocessors. You can get lockups or incorrect code execution, and damage the control pins on the micro.

Personally I think there is a high risk of the drone malfunctioning or even being damaged if flying close to these antennas and I wouldn't take the risk...
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:) Been doing it since I have had my P2V and the rest and have never had any issues . Never.
Now these aren't the most powerful I know so that might be why I havn't had any issues. Kinda like members say not to fly with a high KP index . I do it when it is just to see and have never had any issues and I normally fly
long and RTH back . Some might but I never have and I do fly a lot .
Now I thought these antenna panels were small till a few days after I made that and they came in to work on one of them and I was wrong .Now I'm not saying to do as I just saying what I do.
DJI_0565.JPG DJI_0566.JPG
They are surprisingly big up close!

At least you know they won't be turned on or will be at reduced power if they are working on them. Otherwise the radiation level is too dangerous for the technicians.
Yeah I Kida figured they cut em off while they where up there but was surprised just how big the panels were and again these towers are here in a small town so the power wide open might not be that high or it very well be an issue I just have't had any . Big city towers might make one drop .Can't say but I have did POI's around our
dofler unit with no issues . Just a huge dome .
Man ya run out of stuff to video in the south in a small town :)
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Cell towers automatically vary the transmit power depending on how far away the phone user is. There's often a backhaul link on a round microwave dish which runs continuously at a higher power but it's a very tightly focused beam, if you got directly in the path of that you might have some effects. Not to mention dropping everyone's phone calls...
Whoops .Ya learn something new everyday :)
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