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Mini 3 The Falls of Shin


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Aug 3, 2022
Manchester, UK
Today's Highland Drone footage from our recent week away, the Falls of Shin!

Although not a tall waterfall, the falls are filled with a raw power, there is a lot of water moving with force through a smallish area, from May to October Salmon are often seen to be leaping up the falls.

We arrived just as a tour bus was departing, giving us the place to ourselves for a short while...

Nice footage, any more of the open shot flying up the river? At the end, that tree to the right looked a little close, was it?
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Thanks YP, yes, I took a fair bit from lower down the river, but trying to edit it to the music meant sacrificing some...

The final tree, abut 5' below me, but there was another behind that I had seen, so knew to stop as soon as I saw the first one appear - thankfully it stopped in time and Mighty Midge was not left sitting in the tree overlooking the falls :)
Very nice. What happened to that beautiful weather you had a couple of weeks ago?
Lol, these were all take on the same week, I am still processing and posting the footage, IIRC I think we flew at 38 locations in the week.

Scotland is famous for the changeable nature of the weather... This was the Friday of our week, the previous Saturday was epic blue skies, the Sunday snow, drizzle, rain and cold. The Monday was blue skies, Tuesday was wet, Wednesday was again vlue skies, Thursday was completely wet - one short drizzly flight only - and the Friday looked bad, but soon brightened up. Saturday on the way back was atmospheric...
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