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Air 2s The rugged west coast of Ireland

Gorgeous photos! There's a reason they call it the "Emerald Isle!"
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Striking photos, the Cliffs of Moher and Slieve League are two places I would love to fly.
I love that slab in photo 3 and the strata in 4
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Beautiful photos. It looks like a very nice place to be with all the green.
Absolutely beautiful images. I like the Ballyness Bay because of the leading lines for the eye but they are all well composed, beautifully edited, and appealing. Very nice work.

I spent a week on the west coast of Ireland recently. Here are a selection of photos, all taken with the Air 2S.

View attachment 136857View attachment 136858View attachment 136859View attachment 136860View attachment 136861

I am planning my trip to West Coast very soon. I have been there before but only with my camera, now with the Drone, I am looking forward to Flying over those amazing places. I am currently in Dublin, just waiting for nice weather to go.
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