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  1. R

    Air 2s The rugged west coast of Ireland

    I spent a week on the west coast of Ireland recently. Here are a selection of photos, all taken with the Air 2S.
  2. zeNitro

    Recreational License in ireland

    Question to those who has Recreational license in ireland. How is the process of getting it, and does it include flying at nights? just bought 2 led lights for my mini 2 (see image below) i have finished flying just over 100Km. Now im willing to get my toes in some video creation stoff. (Was the...
  3. zeNitro

    Hello everyone from Ireland / Latvia

    Hello everyone, I'm originally from Latvia, But now I live in Ireland. About 3 weeks ago I purchased Mavic mini 2. It's my first drone, definitely not last. :D I love it, But it has a slight issue with RTH. But I don't use that anyway. I'm 29 years old, My first name is Marcis, But online I go...
  4. AltumVidens

    Ambitious manual shots from Ireland

    Trying out my new Mavic Mini 2, I got a little ambituous with some of the continuous shots in this video (e.g. at 45 seconds & 17 seconds). I had about 4 hours flying time under my belt and I decided to get more adventurous with some of the shots. I don't know if I got lucky with some of these...
  5. RonanCork

    Air 2 Woods and Water - Cork Ireland

    Hey Guys, Hope everyone is safe and well Recently put together a video of a woods in the town of Midleton (famous for Jameson Whiskey!) in Cork Ireland. I grew up in this town spent my childhood exploring these woods. During the insane time that is COVID I've appreciated these woods a lot more...
  6. R

    Hey from Ireland

    I am a Mavic Air 2 pilot from Ireland, focusing on stills photography from our beautiful coast. I'm here to learn from other drone pilots.
  7. P

    Air 2 1st pictures of a dam in Ireland

    The weather was cloudy and I haven't done any post processing yet on the photos so they aren't great but I hope to get better the more I use it
  8. RonanCork

    Drone footage of a 16th century Irish Castle

    Hi Guys, Hope your all well. I'd like to share a recent video I put together of a castle in the town of Midleton, Cork, Ireland. 16th century Irish Castle in Cork, Ireland Hope you like it (I edited using Da Vinci Resolve v16) Thanks Ro
  9. Decovision84

    Rock of Cashel

    Hello again. It was so good to be back flying the drone yesterday after over 1 month without a drone feeling sorry for myself. As bad as the weather was I decided to take her out for her first flight, it felt great. Hope you enjoy this video. Regards, Dec.
  10. Decovision84

    Tour of Ireland with Mavic Air

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have a couple of videos on YouTube if you would like to check them out. I love the mavic air, all I want to do is fly it all day long. I lost one in Tollymore forest to wind and I have just had to buy a new one as I have realised that I cannot live...
  11. D

    New guy from Cork, Ireland

    Hi All, I purchased my first serious drone (Mavic Pro) last weekend and I love it. Have come across this forum in many google searches so decided to join in. Thanks! Regards Daniel
  12. TheDenimac

    My first project

    On a recent trip to Ireland, I decided to have a go at my first project. Mainly shot with my Mavic Air, but with some other video shot in HD, so I have rendered it out at 1080p. Scary moment flying under the sea arch, my wife was really freaking
  13. BuzzinBuzzard

    Anyone flown with Aer Lingus to Ireland or say Germany with Mavic Air?

    Hey There! So in the near future I'll be heading to Ireland from the US, and would love to be able to take my mavic air with me! Problem is, I travel light, and only take a carry-on and normally my camera pack as a personal item. Has anyone had any luck with Aer Lingus bringing their Mavic...
  14. MarcObarlow

    Golf in Scotland & Ireland This Summer

    I'm celebrating a landmark birthday this year and planning to be at the Open Championship in mid-July with my wife. As part of the trip I hope to find a few "hidden-gem" golf courses to play. I don't feel compelled to play the Rota courses. I' really looking for a Shivas Irons experience. Our...
  15. Mcgon

    Dalkey Island, Dublin, Ireland

    First edited video (novice) from my mavic air. Many of the videos shared in this forum are truly inspirational and educational - thanks for sharing.
  16. Supermangyan

    Greetings from Dublin, Ireland!

    Good day! I started flying in September of 2017. Crashed it a few times. :D looking forward to the summer then I would probably be out flying every chance I get. :)
  17. T

    Blanchardstown, Dublin here.

    Hello from Blanchardstown Dublin. I bought my Mavic a couple of months ago. As a 64 year old, I'm a little nervous and distrusting of technology. However, I gave it a few test flights and tested out the RTH feature. It worked. That was my biggest worry because within two days of flying, I...
  18. Albatross Aerial Imaging

    Rock Of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

    Hello All, I recently traveled to Ireland for my wedding and one day we stopped by Rock Of Cashel, unfortunately for us it was closed but that didn't stop me from launching the Mavic for a birds eye view. Hope you guys enjoy!!
  19. S

    The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland (4k)

    Hey All, I just finished up editing the footage from my recent trip home, where we visited the West coast of Ireland more commonly known around the world now as "the Wild Atlantic Way". The video features such places as the cliffs of moher, the ring of kerry, Donald Trumps spooky hotel in...
  20. M

    Inch Beach - Ireland

    Afternoon at the beach