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Top 10 Questions Asked by Curious Spectators While Flying


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Oct 13, 2016
Near Lake Tahoe NV
I get lots and lots of questions about my Mavic Pro from interested parties while I am out flying and I have devised a method that I think will help educate those interested.

I am going to formulate a list of the Top 10 Questions asked and print out multiple copies on hard card stock to be handed to those that approach and are legitimately interested.

I thought I would poll other flyers to determine what are thier top 10 Questions that are asked. From this I can pair down the questions to the top 10 and use those for my informational card.

I am all about educating other people about the what , where, and how of drone flying , but it tends to cut into my flight time and distracts me from my intended goal of getting great photos and video.

Please list one, two, three or as many as you like as it will help the process. I am also interested in the weirdest things ever asked by an onlooker that approached you.

Lets refrain from any comments about interactions with people that approach as that can be handled in other threads. i.e. This one guy was a jerk and ...

I will make this card avaiable in .pdf format once finalized and completed so that others can simply print thier own version and make them available.

I would like to use the Mavic Pilots LOGO in the upper right hand corner or left corner , but I am unsure of its usage in this fashion. It would be great promotional material to draw new enthusiasts.

I will list my email and website at the bottom or on the rear of the card in hopes that I can encourage others to join this wonderful hobby.
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Here are some basic starter questions I came up with.

1. How much was your drone
2. Where did you get it
3. How far can it fly
4. Whats the battery life and how long will it last
Mostly the same questions, the cost, how high, how fast and how far will it go then as soon as they realize it has a camera, they always ask how close can you zoom in?
  • Does it have a camera? It does? Wow!
  • What happens when the battery dies? It flies back? Wow!
  • Are you the one flying the drone? Cool!
  • You can fly the drone but don't go near people - Beach security :)
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1. Is that a drone?
2. Are you taking pictures?
3. Can I see?
4. How far away can it go?
5. How long does the battery last?
6. Are you doing this for work or for fun?
7. How much did it cost?
8. What do you do with the video?
9. Can I take a picture of it?
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