Using Phantom (Modified) P4 Plug For Field Charging (Success)

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    I built the attached field charging box for charging my P4 batteries and other electronics. The power comes from a 60000 mah multi volt battery bank (selectable up to 20 volts). That is fed into a variable/digital (Constant Current then Constant Voltage) DC to DC power supply. It has a 3 way sector switch in line where I can also select to charge something off of a laptop (20v) power supply that I can plug into the wall. On the other end of my charge station are USB charge ports (directly connected to battery bank) and input DC Barrell jack used to charge the battery bank. The center digital display is a watt/volt meter used to monitor the charge rate to the battery bank when I connect a solar panel to it.

    To get this to work with the mavic battery I removed the metal surround (picture attached) and the pins match up perfectly to the mavic battery.

    The cord that I have was cut down from an extra P4 charger that I had. You can use one of these or an extra mavic charger, if you want to go that route. I soldered a standard DC barrell 2.5x5.5 plug on the other end of the charge plug cable.

    Note: this will charge the mavic battery slower then the wall charger and car charger, due to the DC power supply maximum output being 3 amps. This works out to 36- 40 watts. The AC charger for the mavic is 50 watts and the car charger is 80 watts.

    Everything shown was purchased off of Amazon.

    Hope this helps anyone that wants to build thier own box for field charging.



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