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Video and moving away and up from the subject.. Video guys need some help


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Jan 2, 2018
For example there is a rock that is 3 feet above the ground. I want to start as close as possible to the rock and then fly away from it but fly at a steady pace away and above. Any suggestions?
You could try the selfie mode and see if it’ll lock on to your subject.

Otherwise just practice doing it manually until you master it.

It can be done.
Active Track or.... fly backwards and up at the same rate.

Yeah I am going to do active track once I get the video of the object on the back of the truck, then move back and up and active track, this video is basically to show how Gas lines are detected and they want the video in action. So I am think one video of the device and then fly back and up. Once I am happy with that video I will turn on active track to track the truck a little ways. Does this sound like a decent plan to you? Myabe Tripod mode would work for this situation.
You can fly more slowly or put it into Tripod mode. An option is also to slow it down in post production.
Disable landing protection (this will let you hover as close as you want, all the way till touchdown), switch to tripod mode (this will let you have a very slow and steady control for a smooth video).
I feel that mavic pulls back and up rather smoothly in p mode. Sometimes less so in sports mode.

I suggest you attempt this procedure 6 times in a row. Just do the exact same thing over and over and I bet you will be surprised how great it looks even at full stick. Make sure to practice in a large open area.

If you need to also move the gimball wheel while going back and up, I suggest you change the settings in the app to make the gimball move more smoothly. I forget the best numbers off the top of my head.
... or program the desired action in Litchi! (speed, rate of ascent, start/stop points, etc)
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