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Video Interference with Other Drones?


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Aug 29, 2018
I've tried twice to make in-flight videos of friends' drones when we were both flying in the same area (having launched from the same site.) My friends were also trying to take videos of my Mavic 2 (one with a Phantom 4 Pro and the other with an Autel X-Star.) NONE of the videos shot from any of the three drones came out. I'm guessing that visual signals were interfering with each other. Does anyone know more about this? If just ONE of the drones were shooting a video of another, would that work? (We should have experimented with that, but we didn't realize that we both had video issues until we'd come inside to look at our SD cards.) There did not seem to be any issues with our controllers interfering with each others' flight signals.
Your issues seem Bizar
If the sd card was installed so it can record to from inside the drone. Then there would have been no issue with the recording unless you forgot to push start record.

I have flown with 4 drones in the air at the same time and not had too much control interference.

If you didn’t forget to press record the only other possible thing is interference on the specific channel to start a recording. But I would assume you would have noticed that a recording was not started on your screen.

Not sure what to tell you other than flying with multiple drones in the air is something I do often and never had an issue. Other then with mavic airs distance is impacted but it flew and decided just fine other than that. Inspire 2 and mavic didn’t even suffer distance issues and recordings also came out fine. Same with video quality transmission back to remote was fine.

I have also flow with someone with a race drone and that impacted the mavic air distance very much but it also recorded fine. The mavic pro and inspire suffered no noticeable limitations and video also came out fine.

I even have a video on my channel I posted recently that has 4 of us up in the air....
Thanks for this, d_v. We had both pushed the red shoot-video buttons on our controllers and both of us thought we were recording mp4 files on the SD's inside our drones. I've had similarly corrupted video files with flying alone, occasionally, so it was probably just a coincidence (or we both had faulty SD cards?)