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Video settings and a couple of miscellaneous questions . . .

Calhoun Ranger

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Jan 2, 2017
I know there are tremendous postings here on video settings and filters, and I have read very many of them. When I try to apply the concepts, I am still left with a few questions.
Say for example you are flying at a fairly bright point in the day, ISO 100, shutter speed 50, ND8 filter, and 24 FPS. For me, the EV still seems to swing wildly between too dark and too bright. Do you really have to be "hands-on" all the time to manage brightness variations in your scenery?
Additional questions
I couldn't find a RAW video format on the Mavic; does it exist, and how do I find it?
If you leave video settings in auto, does an ND filter help at all?

Thanks for the help. Doing my best to absorb the info in these forums and apply it!!
The ND will still slow the shutter giving an appreciably smoother look.
In most situations you'll get far more usable footage with exposure in Auto.
The 'rule' about shutter being 2x frame rate is almost impossible to achieve in a moving camera which doesn't even have aperture control.

Nearest to RAW is the D-Log setting, but you generally need to do some significant grading later.
On a bright day, I can tell you that the ND8 isn't enough but; I have to ask, what are you exposing for, the sky or the landscape? On most sunny days I'm using an ND32, with a shutter speed up around 100 or 120, because I'm trying to expose for the clouds.

I think what people seem to forget is that most of the great video you see is not, "straight out the camera" and there is almost the same amount of post work that needs to be done once you've imported your footage into your video editor.
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