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Karlo De Pro

Dec 22, 2016

I have been flying my mavic for about 2 weeks now and I am happy with its performance.
But on 2 of my recent flights, I had some problems with my live feed quality. When I reached a distance of about 800 metres, and I got a bit lower in altitude (about 70 metres) my live image got really blurry and smeared out... This was really annoying and I could not really orientate. I also noticed I got a delay in the video signal.
The strange thing is, that on my screen, the status of my connection for HD and Remote control gave me all the bars.
When I return home, the image stays blurry, smeared out and delayed( even if I am very close to the drone). When I land, restart the drone and the remote, all is good again....

Note: on these 2 flights, I noticed, just after take off, my distance and height indication on my smartphone screen was lagging behind on my distance and height indication on my remote screen. I think the problem is caused by bad performance of my smartphone? This would make sense beacuase it would explain why I get all the bars for HD connection but still have bad image quality...

Did someone got similar problems and knows how to solve this? Some info or help would be really appriciated.
I have similar issue like you did. In my case, the HD icon blinks sometime. I don't even know what does it mean. I use Nexus 7 2013 model, which is a bit old. I agree with you that it could very well be the tablet is not fast enough for the task. I am getting a iPad Mini 4 as a dedicated device for my Mavic. What device do you use?

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I use a Sony xperia M2 Aqua. I only have 8 Gb internal memory and have only 500mb available... Not a very good phone...
I also noticed the HD icon blinking sometimes.
If you have the Ipad Mini 4, can you leave a message if your problem has dissapeared?
Same problem with my Samsung phone. Switched to a iPad mini 4 and the problem is solved. Makes flying a whole new experience. The iPad is the only Apple product I have ever owned. Use it just for my MP.
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