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Vivid colour with air and go4


Apr 18, 2018
My friend flies a Mavic Pro and has a setting in Go 4 for vivid colour. I am trying to find the same effect for my Mavic Air with the same version of Go4 but I can’t find the setting. Can somebody tell me if it exists for the Mavic Air and where it is in Go 4
Color correction presets are unfortunately not available for the Mavic Air other than D-cinelike and normal. The Pro however does indeed have multiple color settings to choose from.
Best bet for the Air, shoot in D-Cinelike, the colour correct it to whatever colour settings you like.

For example.....

Untreated, straight out of the cam

Post corrected in Premier (over saturated on purpose for demonstration)

(Footage from my latest VLOG out in Blackpool UK)

You can see the difference, you can make much more from a video shot in a Log format (like D-Cinelike) than you can in 'normal' shooting, I recomend doing it on all the camera's you can (I do it on my EOS's as well)

Hope that helps, if you need a hand, shout, I'll see what I can do to help
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Tip: Dowload Davinci Resolve. It is a free color grading tool that's quite easy to learn which you can achieve amazing results with.
You may discover that color grading by itself is pretty cool to master as well. No preset filter will beat a proper color grade.
Another advantage is that you still have the original ungraded footage, which you can re-use to create various atmospheres. If you use a color grading preset out of the box, and decide you want a different vibe on the footage afterwards, it will be helI to correct that.
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Agreed, Sometimes use Davinci myself, although I've been trying to learn it using Lumetri (Premiere inbuilt) so I have that skill as well :)
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