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Waypoint Mission - exact repeatable ?

home pilot

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Nov 24, 2018

Since 3 weeks I have the Mavic 2 Pro and got last week the Litchi App for iPad.

I programed some waypoint missions at home and went to the park to fly them.

I had the idea to do the same waypoint mission (a simple one - 40 m high, two points, 200 m away, straight line, skyline in the background) in different times:
day and night and blend them together als day - night change, often needed in TV Movies.

I used After effects, to superimpose the two shots and used 50 % opacity, to see both shots the same time.
I found out that it is really hard to match the two shots.... they are "running away"

Litchi and the Mavic 2 Pro seam not able the reproduce the Mission in the exact same way?

Did any of you try the same thing and succeed?

Greetings Erik
I suspect that prevailing winds, being different each flight...even with gimbal etc., it's hard for it to be a perfect match. I'm trying a similar thing, and it's obviously not going to be a straight transition w/o an obvious shift.
Winds as mentioned above and also GPS is accurate to within 3 meters. Its not exact. You could try using the DJIGO4 version of waypoints. Drop a starting waypoint. Then fly to the next point. Drop a Waypoint using C1 button. Then fly the path over and over during different times of the day. It may or may not be more accurate.
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