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  1. TheObscureDrone

    Mavic 2.0 Pro - Waypoints 2.0 - Create these in flight?

    Can anyone confirm whether it's possible to create a waypoint flight plan/route during a flight - by flying to each point, hovering in space at the desired point and altitude, and creating each waypoint, along with recording the Gimbal angle, drone 'direction' [its facing direction]; before...
  2. A

    Recording precise gps locations with Mavic Pro

    Hi there, firstly - apologies for the noob question; I've tried searching this for the last week or so, but perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms. I'm looking for a way to record placemarkers during my flight which can then be viewed once I'm back in the office. Background: The...
  3. T

    Litchi - setting a waypoint based on Mavic2 position, i am also hoping it saves the heading and gimbal angle ( ie the framed shot)? HOW

    Hi all As i continue with my Litchi drill down, i am trying to set a flight path by assigning Waypoints as i fly and ensure the photo taken at that waypoint is as i have framed it when setting the waypoint with my mavic2pro control C1 button on the back. (GPS variance accounted for) . My two...
  4. H

    Waypoint Mission - exact repeatable ?

    Hi, Since 3 weeks I have the Mavic 2 Pro and got last week the Litchi App for iPad. I programed some waypoint missions at home and went to the park to fly them. I had the idea to do the same waypoint mission (a simple one - 40 m high, two points, 200 m away, straight line, skyline in the...
  5. P

    Why does MP rotate full 360 in Litchi? Unable to set rotation direction

    So I have created a waypoint mission in Litchi mission hub as I have done countless times before. I have heading direction set to custom in ios. Now when I fly the mission, it always rotates in clockwise direction to be aimed at the correct POI by the time it gets to the next waypoint. I am...
  6. heo3480

    Fly Waypoints with Litchi

    DJI excluded waypoints from Mavic Air, but luckily you plan an fly waypoints mission with the Litchi App that recently started to support Mavic Air. This video shows you the simple steps to create a 4 waypoint mission with 2 points of interest I think the map-based approach is better than...
  7. R

    Litchi's restrictions

    Hi everyone and sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french. I have a Mavic and I found out that there is a limitation for the altitude for both Waypoint mode and Point of interest mode with the DJI APP (Android). I also red that the minimum distance between two points in WP is 0.5 meters with...
  8. J

    Question about jitter

    Hey, got a question. I'm still a newbie at flying this, but I just did my first waypoint mission (which I was using Litchi to do so). This was to record just a segment of my Christmas Light show just to see how well it would pick up the lights. The flight went just as I was hoping, but at the...
  9. A

    Waypoint folder empty in Iphone X

    Hi, I have created a new Waypoint mission on the computer (web) and when I go to my old iPad Air it appears with the rest of the missions. However, in my new iPhone X, the waypoint missions folder appears empty. Litchi is updated. What can happen? Thank you.
  10. A

    Waypoints Litchi Problem. Crazy Gimbal.

    Hi, I'm using Litchi without any problem for a long time and now I have a problem with Waypoints. During two Waypoint flights it has happened to me that the camera does not stop moving up and down. Crazy tilt. I have some Points of interest programmed but they do not work. At the time of the...
  11. ThreeGs

    Litchi 4.1.2 on Android 6.0.1 Waypoint Mission Gimbal Problems [SOLVED]

    I have been running Litchi on my Nexus 7 for most of the year with no problems. I have a waypoint mission that I have been running regularly and all has been perfect. Then I upgraded the tablet to Android 6.0.1. The last time I ran my mission the gimbal kept running up and down repeatedly. It...
  12. W

    Litchi Bug(?): Gimbal Interpolate doesn't work when flying at slow speeds

    Hey guys, I've been scratching my head about this for a while thinking it was pilot error but I'm starting to think it's either a bug or just a hardware limitation. I've been using Litchi to film timelapses using the waypoint feature. Typically I'll just have a two point mission with only a...
  13. H

    Start Condition "Start Point Proximity"...

    I am unable to find any information on the AutoPilot waypoint setting "Start Condition" which can be set to either "None" or "Start Point Proximity", in which case a distance slider comes up. Does anyone know what this setting does, and when you would want to use it? Thanks! Will
  14. P

    Mavic and Litchi Waypoint

    Hi I am flying a Mavic with the Litchi app. During a waypoint mission that is about 4 km long (I am flying only one direction) the litchi disconnect and the drone stops and hoover. After about 30 sec the remote controller will start to RTH, I have contact with the drone with the remote...
  15. Torbjörn

    Fly forest Ostersund Sweden

    G'day I am a forest owner hoping to overview my property to check windfallen trees, clogged ditches, treeplantation, bush clearing, campers etc. I visited Elmia forest fair 9th of june and was fascinated by the Mavic Pro so I purchased one - and just now got an Iphone 7 plus dedicated to the...
  16. G

    AutoPilot crashes over and over

    Hi, I'm taking one step back from my previous post (Autopilot issues.. please contribute) in order to solve this issue. When I'm using Hangar's Autopilot (Auto flight logic) it is mostly for waypoint missions flown in joystick mode. the camera is also in Joystick mode. -So I have a predefined...
  17. Qoncussion

    Waypoints & Camera Tilt...?

    I'm setting up a waypoint mission using DJI Go 4. I need to fly and shoot the exact same shot numerous times. The only problem I am having is determining how far to tilt the camera each time, as camera tilt info is not included with the waypoint mission. Is there somewhere within Go 4 that shows...
  18. C

    Litchi waypoint run stops in mid-mission

    IOS via iphone 6s. Set up a waypoint mission within Litchi Hub and the Litchi app. (I spent a lot of time on it too...) The mission is over water near a bay to last 14min. Launched great and about halfway through the mission the Mavic just stopped and hovered. After several min scratching my...
  19. Fireblade

    Active track / waypoint video of Yamaha streetbike (xsr900)

    Active tracking was not cooperating at all lol. It did much worse than the p4p. I'm hoping to get the Litchi and see if I could have better waypoints (DJI's waypoints have height limits but I wanted to go lower :( )
  20. roflyer

    Update in DJI GS Pro - curved corners in waypoint mission

    Hello Pilots, I noticed that one of the features in the last update of GS Pro was the option for curved corners in the waypoint path. I tried to edit or create new missions with this option activated but I didn't see any difference, the lines still have sharp corners when I draw a square or...