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Mini 3 What are Square Waves?

Yeah was fun watching them.
I've done a few flights lately over the inlet to a small bayou with long sandbars extending into the bay. I've been interested in the way small waves get reflected and refracted when they encounter objects. It's all on a much smaller scale than what you shot. And I've seen no hint of square waves.

I suspect you know about the old Polynesian navigators who could keep track of where they were on long ocean voyages by noting the wave patterns created by islands. Amazing people.
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My first thought was what about other things that move in waves, e.g. sound, light, radio, television?

Might be that’s why so many people seeing or hearing the same thing have such differing ideas about what happened (and happens).
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Had the opportunity to watch such an event while on a beach. This is very dangerous because they create a very strong undercurrent. Even when I went 30-50 cm into the sea I could feel it. A few people were a little further out in the sea, in water up to their waists and chests, but they had to be rescued with long ropes and boats.
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Wow, are these square-shaped ripples formed because of the monsoon? In my country, we more commonly see horizontal stripe-like ripples (though that could be because I don't often go to the seaside).
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Interestingly enough, (well to me anyway), my first thought seeing the title was RADAR. I was taught that a Square wave was a Sine wave with infinte harmonics but then what do I know?
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No monsoon around here in eastern Canada. This is actually the Atlantic ocean we are looking at and I think its just two directions of waves meeting each other. Happens frequently around here. Cross sea - Wikipedia for more info
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