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What are the requirements for iPhone size to use on the romote controller?


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Aug 30, 2018
New to this sight. Wondering which mobile device/ iPhone would work best for the controller. Is a 6 alright, or what is the biggest iPhone/iPad one could use?
Yes and IMO it is better than the earlier Mavic controllersclamp.JPG
That’s a mini? Dang that looks huge and bulky. I tried the galaxy Samsung tab A both 7” and 8”. They are both too slow it seems to run the video real time feed from the drone. The 7 inch produced only a black screen while the 8 inch produced video screen but was very choppy.

I felt like a 7 inch tablet was a perfect size at least for me does anybody know of a working 7 inch tablet that streams and works well with the Mavic 2?
5C344E1C-86B5-4CF0-A281-05A972F84F88.jpeg I’m using an iPhone 7s plus, which doesn’t fit within the clamps. So I use this adapter which puts it above the controller, which I think is a more natural position, as you use the sticks more than the screen. The palm of the thumbs rest on the opened clamps to make it really stable.
I use a Iphone 7 in the controller and after I take off my case it fits the controller just fine. I bought a holder that fits in the controller for my Ipad mini which works fine but the connecting cable can't reach the connection on my Ipad. DJI does not have a cable available either. Is there another option for me?
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