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What Would I Gain with a Mavic 3 or 4?

Go to DJI website and do a comparison.
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1. Better image quality. 2. Better stabilization, which supports 1.
Jeff S- I took a gander at your website. Absolutely wonderful images of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Grytvykan Whaling Station,Yellowstone, and Morocco. My wife and I have been to all of these wonderful sites. Beautifully captured and edited. We did a circumnavigation of South Georgia and saw both sides (Pegotty Cove, Stromness Whaling Station, Shackleton grave, etc. Also, Morocco by car, and Yellowstone many times since we summer in Big Sky, MT.
Dale Davis,M.D.
Here is my site- above sites not included since I didn't go digital until late!
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