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Recent content by Akoztha

  1. Akoztha

    New York Flatiron Building

    Beautiful New York
  2. Akoztha

    New York Flatiron Building

    I live around there.
  3. Akoztha

    New York Flatiron Building

    One of my favorite buildings in the whole universe!
  4. Akoztha

    Mount for an Ipad 10.5 with a hard case.

    Hello everyone. I am looking to purchase a mount that would fit my Ipad 10.5 with a hard case that makes it a little big thicker. Anyone recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  5. Akoztha

    Pura Vida!

  6. Akoztha

    Like New DJI Mavic

  7. Akoztha

    Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Yup, many times. I had it for about 2 months already; at first I wasn't getting any warnings, this issue started a month ago.
  8. Akoztha

    Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Ok got it! Thanks for the reply. I’ll switch props to check on that. Hope they fix it since I was planning on selling this one to get an Inspire, but I don’t wanna sell it with a warning sign...
  9. Akoztha

    Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Yes I do. You get the warning and the shaking as well?
  10. Akoztha

    Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    That’s the gimbal, from the videos I saw on YouTube, everything looks the same. I’m 2nd owner, I was promised drone never had a crash/hard landing but it’s hard to tell.
  11. Akoztha

    Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Good morning everyone! I'm having a warning message as soon as I take off, it reads Abnormal Gimbal Vibration. The gimbal shakes up and down as you can see in the video. I give it about a minute and then it stops, at random occasions it comes back up in the air. I tried youtube but the videos...
  12. Akoztha


    Really nice video