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Abnormal Gimbal Vibration


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Jan 9, 2018
Good morning everyone! I'm having a warning message as soon as I take off, it reads Abnormal Gimbal Vibration. The gimbal shakes up and down as you can see in the video. I give it about a minute and then it stops, at random occasions it comes back up in the air. I tried youtube but the videos are not helping on my case, since the little metal plate it's in, where is supposed to be.... any ideas?

Did you have a crash? Take a look at your 4 gimbal rubber bands and make sure none are broken. Then look at your black gimbal plate and make sure it isnt broken. Finally, make sure the front tabs of your gimbal plate are below the body.
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That’s the gimbal, from the videos I saw on YouTube, everything looks the same. I’m 2nd owner, I was promised drone never had a crash/hard landing but it’s hard to tell.
Do you have the low noise props on? I get this warning a lot since fitting the low noise props. I think there must be more vibration in the mavic body and the control system of the gimbal goes into some sort of oscillation as it tries to correct it.
Yes I do. You get the warning and the shaking as well?
Yes I do. You get the warning and the shaking as well?
Yes. If I swap back to the older props I don't get it happening any more. But I prefer the reduction in noise and as you say it mostly goes away once you lift off.

I would have thought this would be fixable in the firmware by DJI since it's just the damping/acceleration needs adjusting in the gimbal code. Maybe it is on their list and will be fixed one day.
Ok got it! Thanks for the reply. I’ll switch props to check on that.
Hope they fix it since I was planning on selling this one to get an Inspire, but I don’t wanna sell it with a warning sign...
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