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Recent content by Alan O

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    How Do I Use The Camera to Estimate the Height of an Object?

    That was exactly what I was going to say. The 5D button! It should be the default settings, don't think you need to set it up again
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    Inexpensive Landing Pad

    Interesting point! Luckily the reverse side of my sun shade is black, just flip it over...tada! :cool:
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    Inexpensive Landing Pad

    I got this sunshade from eBay, for less than AUD 5 (which is less than USD 4). Approximately 69 cm (27 inches). Folds up small enough to carry. Sun Shade Shield Sun Visor Front Rear Windshield Car Window Foldable UV Block AU 171141858314 | eBay The binder clips are a great idea to hold them...
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    Pre-flight Quiz - Australia

    I haven't tried, but is this to be done before every flight? Or is it a one-off thing?