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Recent content by Apvie

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    Nashville area meet-ups?

    Welcome to the Mavic community. I live in Clarksville and have been flying the Mavic about 4 months.
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    Anyone suggest best camera settings for tomorrows supermoon.
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    GO 4 app on mini 4

    Been flying for 3 months with mini 4 with no problems. Today I went to a remote spot and when I opened the Go 4 app it asked for login..No wifi and could not connect. Any thoughts.
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    Auto Takeoff

    I have the same issue.
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    Controller 5D button missing

    Mine is broken also, I still have the button broken at the base.
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    Mavic pro is ultimate flying machine.

    I have flown the Mavic for about two months now. I am amazed at what this machine can do. No problems except my mistakes. I have avoided anything made in China for years, but DJI has raised the bar for me. Wonderful machine!
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    Nashville area meet-ups?

    PM me and I will give you my cell#.
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    Nashville area meet-ups?

    You flying at the park tomorrow morning?
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    Multi function button

    Broke at the base of the button.
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    Multi function button

    Anyone have the multi function button break off? I was taking the controller from the case and the button broke off. No luck for me.
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    Nashville area meet-ups?

    My Daughter works for the city, (parks & rec) they got me a vip pass and let me fly from the river walk. I was nervous but got about 20 min of footage. They are going to use it for next years promotional advertising. Ive only been flying about 6 weeks, but pulled it off and got back safe.
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    Nashville area meet-ups?

    Thanks SGM, I wasn't sure if Liberty Park was a no fly zone. I was able to get some footage of Riverfest Saturday. You live in Clarksville?
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    Crashed today

    Thanks, its a small gap between the upper and lower body on the left front sensor. Seams to fly ok after I recalabrated all the sensors. I will tape the gap and keep flyin The gimble problem was rear mounting plate was out of alignment.