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Recent content by benvegel

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    Epic Mountain Sunset

    Hey just wanted to share another video from a recent flight. I recorded at sunset and was stoked with the results. Please watch and share your thoughts:
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    Winter Canyon Landscapes

    Hello Mavic Pilots! Please check out my new edit featuring winter canyon landscape footage and let me know your feedback:
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    Radiant Winter Sunset

    What's up Mavic Pilots? Check out this sweet footage I captured of winter mountains at sunset:
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    Takeoff - 31 minute film of mountain, ocean, and urban landscapes!

    Hello Mavic Pilots! I wanted to share my 31 minute film Takeoff. The video is a collection of drone adventures and travels. Please watch and let me know your thoughts!
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    San Diego Coast Drone Landscapes

    and check out this related edit I uploaded today!
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    San Diego Coast Drone Landscapes

    Hello pilots! I'd love to get feedback for a new edit. The video features footage captured along ocean coasts near San Diego including La Jolla, Carlsbad, and Del Mar. Enjoy!
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    Park City Sundown Landscapes

    Thanks Mavic Pilots for watching my videos and continuing to provide great feedback! I wanted to share my latest edit featuring footage from Park City, Utah captured at sundown. Park City has been a fun local town to visit throughout my time living in Utah. Enjoy these landscapes depicting the...
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    Cows Along the Coast with Marvelous Views

    Thanks for watching and the reply! I agree with your feedback which aligns more with my normal editing style for drone landscapes. I stumbled upon the setting and think it was some of the most random scenery I've ever filmed. So I attempted different and unique editing styles to reflect...
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    Cows Along the Coast with Marvelous Views

    Hey just wanted to share another edit! Footage was filmed along the northern California coast at an interesting and remote setting. I noticed the pond and thought scenery might look interesting from above. Once my drone took off, the setting was beautiful with ocean views around the secluded...
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    Mt. Hood Forest Sunset

    Wow absolutely beautiful!
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    Mt. Hood Forest Sunset

    Thanks everyone for all the nice feedback of my recent edits! Here's another with some footage from Mt. Hood and the surrounding forests filmed at sunset. Enjoy!
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    Southern California Watercolor Coast

    Thanks for the feedback! I definitely turned the dial up with post. But also wanted to gauge how different looks will age into the future internet. My next few edits will probably be toned down a bit.
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    Southern California Watercolor Coast

    Check out these watercolor filtered landscapes filmed around southern California. Thanks for all the positive feedback I've received on here. Enjoy!
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    Golden Gate Bridge Sky Perspectives

    Check out my edit of Golden Gate Bridge footage! Scenes filmed from the west side of the bridge were captured during a beautiful sunset. Scenes from the east side were captured during the day and add some perspective. Enjoy!
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    LA Watercolor Seascapes

    I used Photoshop for the effects! Lots of Photoshop filters can be applied to videos as well as photos. Depends on the desired look... these just took a lot of patience and tweaking!