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San Diego Coast Drone Landscapes

Hello pilots! I'd love to get feedback for a new edit. The video features footage captured along ocean coasts near San Diego including La Jolla, Carlsbad, and Del Mar. Enjoy!

Grossly overexposed with completely blown highlights, especially the fog scenes. How did you set the exposure and with which Mavic drone was this shot?
and check out this related edit I uploaded today!

Much better, but still overexposed in many scenes. Might consider using a GND if the dynamic range of the scene is beyond the drone's capability. Try reshooting at a different time of day, like the golden hours of early morning or late in the afternoon. Mid-day sun is very harsh lighting, which is too contrasty for landscapes.
Keep working it. These Pacific coast scenes are all better captured at late afternoon through sunset. I’d suggest a mix of altitudes for your edit. Go to the end of the Gliderport parking area, walk part way down the footpath and you’ll find some good launch spots. From this point, depending on your range, you can fly all the way past Torrey Pines State Reserve toward Los Penasquitos Lagoon.
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