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  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 The sinking sun sets the surf alight with amber flame

  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 A stormy day over Coffenbury Lake

  3. K

    Flying drove over the Pacific - Is the entire Oregon Coast really off-limits?

    I was hoping to take the drone to the coast this coming week to hopefully get some video of the whales migrating. I checked Aloft, and the entire Oregon coastline is off-limits. It says that it is a "wilderness area", and flights are prohibited. Am I missing something here, or is the entire...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Peaceful Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

    The vast windswept expanse of the Pacific Ocean sweeps outwards from the spray soaked sands. In the damp ground that is the ever shifting dividing line between sea and land, the glorious colors and entrancing patterns of a spring sunset are reflected as the teaming creatures of the depths go...
  5. thefrisbee995

    Mini 2 Anglesey, North Wales... What a Place!

    Went on a trip recently to Anglesey in North Wales... Amazing place to fly (Mini 2), have to share these with you guys! Let me know what you think :)
  6. K-Castello

    Air 1 Nieuw Sluis Lighthouse

    A cast iron lighthouse on the coast at Breskens ....
  7. Jeremy Clark

    Air 2 Iconic famous mines right on the cliff edge at Botallack, North Cornwall.

    Just after sunrise 2nd Jan 2021
  8. B

    San Diego Coast Drone Landscapes

    Hello pilots! I'd love to get feedback for a new edit. The video features footage captured along ocean coasts near San Diego including La Jolla, Carlsbad, and Del Mar. Enjoy!
  9. D

    First attempt at a drone video! MPP at the seafront, Hastings, UK

    I posted this in the new pilots check in section as I've only owned my first decent drone - a Mavic Pro Platinum - for just over a month. Someone kindly suggested I post it here instead. It's my first ever attmpt at making a video of any sort, let alone a drone video so please go easy on me! I'm...
  10. T

    Greetings from Gorham, ME!

    Hello! Any fellow Mainers out there? I am just getting started (in fact just flew out of beginner's mode for the first time this weekend—of course I crashed it).
  11. T

    Oregon Coast

    Recorder with Mavic Pro Platinum. Edited with DaVinci Resolve. The music used is "Song Of The Seas by Vangelis”
  12. E

    Hypnotic footage from the North Coast of California.

    Shot with DJI Mavic Pro and Sony A7RII.
  13. M

    Sailboat Race, Surf, and Maui shots / BEAUTIFUL 4K

    Hey guys, just finished up with my trip to Lahaina and thought I'd share some of the better drone shots I got :) Hope you all enjoy, any constructive criticism is much appreciated!
  14. wernernagel

    Flying in Sardegna - Italian Coastline

    Some nice shots over a beautiful mediterranean coastline! Hope you enjoy!!
  15. Z

    4K Coastal Lake Ecological Reserve! HIDDEN from plain sight!

    Let me know what you think!
  16. Z

    Breathtaking 4K Ultra HD DJI Mavic Drone Shell Beach

    Stunning shots over the ocean and of the cliffs and caves in Shell Beach, California. Sights include Pirates Cove, The Cliffs and Avila Beach in the distance. Let me know what you think and if you like it please subscribe. There should be plenty more to come.
  17. Stelaruk

    North Corwall Coast - Buckator Beach

    A Misty Bank Holiday Monday in North Cornwall. First time over the sea for me! Loved it.
  18. k idea

    Awesome Amalfi Coast in Italy!

    Enjoy the video! Scenes of Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.
  19. C

    Thor's Well on the Oregon Coast

    Hello! First post here. Here's video of an interesting natural phenomenon that happens with a strong incoming tide in the central Oregon Coast. Enjoy! Carl Schreiner
  20. T

    Oh for some weather

    I've had my Mavic just over a week now but just haven't had the opportunity to fly somewhere beautiful - despite high wind I shot these coast shots using nd filters . The camera is impressive - think I may use Uhd rather than 4K as it doesn't seem to shoot 25 fps on 4K