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Recent content by Bill57

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    The Lifthor V3 mount is definitely not worth $70

    I had one for about a week and when I was mounting my iPad Mini, it just broke at the main joint so I agree that the material is not strong enough for the job. That said the guys at LifThor replaced it immediately free of charge and gave really good customer service. Yes, its a little on the...
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    Flying with IPad 9.7 pro

    "beefpocket, Anyone ever use the lifThor v3 from thor's drone world with the iPad Pro? I use the LifThor V3 and have been very pleased with it! Lot easier using an iPad Mini than an iPhone and the product is well designed and manufacturer. Not the cheapest of solutions but I reckon it worth...
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    DJI Assistant 2 - User Guide

    Hi, I'm having trouble locating the flight data files on my Mavic as I want to put a flight log together. I've loaded DJI Assistant 2 on my Mac and located the Assistant in Launchpad but when I click on Data and Files it simply comes up with some blank boxes with DJI Simulator at the top...
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    Age poll

    60, just got my first Drone (Mavic) and looking forward to learning how to fly and take great pictures. And, learn stuff from this forum