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Recent content by CharlieR

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    Mavic 2 Pro Video problem

    I believe this problem is caused by shooting with the D-log-M color profile encoding with H265. Adobe LR won't open the file, as you reported, but my video software, PowerDirector 17, handles the files properly. But, if I shoot video using the Normal color profile (8 bit color, H264 encoding)...
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    Houston storm timelapse i took a few weeks ago. Reminded me of a certain show.

    Now that Ive learned the Hyperlapse mode on my M2P, I'm waiting for a scene like this! BTW, you can save the original time lapse images in DNG format and process in Lightroom and LRTimelapse to get a final 4K video. A lot more work, but sometimes better results in situations like sunrise or...
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    Not happy with Mavic 2 zoom

    In low light I usually go to my ND 4 or sometimes no ND. Key is the resulting shutter speed. I've seen my shutter speed drop to 1/15 second or less in low light with too much ND. Too slow, which is why I shoot manual and watch the histogram.
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    Galaxy Tab A 8.0 crashes with DJI Go 4

    Lots of instances of GO 4 app crashing, different versions on different devices. Mike Singer has some good general tips that can improve the stability quite a bit. See Install DJI GO on an Android Tablet or Phone (Step-by-Step Guide) | Phantom Help
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    New Pilot, First Drone

    Yes, as long as you are not being compensated. Probably good to go to FAA site to see all their regulations, because it's pretty comprehensive. See Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations
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    New Pilot, First Drone

    The B4UFly app covers FAA restrictions but not local restrictions. Local parks in my area have local ordinances that prohibit drone flying, but I had to look online to find them. So best not to argue the point and just leave, as you did.
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    Hyperlapse Download and Viewing?

    M2P will produce a .mp4 video file automatically, but you have the option in the DJI GO 4 app to save the original time lapse photos as well. I have all my photos and video going to my SD card, and am shooting RAW photos. Since I chose the option to save the original timelapse photos, all of the...
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    Need Advice!

    I fly my M2P with a Samsung Tab S2, 8 inch screen, with DJI Go 4 app, no problems. Anti-glare screen shield helps.
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    Weird exposure issue

    Sounds like exposure settings were way off for some reason. Setting Aperture Priority vs. Shutter Priority vs. Manual mode, together with a fixed ISO vs auto ISO can all change the way the video appears, depending on what the actual combination of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed is. If it...
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    M2Z dark images

    Underexposure is probably the cause, so you need to look at ALL the settings (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed). The right front wheel on the controller will change aperture or shutter speed depending on whether you are in aperture priority or shutter priority, and it's possible that the...
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    Circular flight pattern -manual control

    Right stick forward moves the aircraft in the direction the nose is pointing. My description will fly the aircraft in a curved path around a target, rather than closing on a target, because yaw keeps rotating the nose as it moves forward. Might not be anywhere near a perfect circle, 'cause my...
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    Circular flight pattern -manual control

    Left stick yaw with right stick forward flight. Been practicing that. No figure 8's yet, but will be trying that next.
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    Dji Care Refresh activation

    Just got my similar problem solved! It looks like procedures have changed for the better when you purchase your drone and Care Refresh together from an authorized DJI dealer. My dealer, B&H Photo, apparently sent the activation info directly to DJI, without telling me that on the order form...
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    Houston storm timelapse i took a few weeks ago. Reminded me of a certain show.

    Love it!! Very cool!! I hope to be able to capture this kind of scene after I first learn to fly my brand new Mavic 2 Pro. I'm an avid photographer but a totally newbie drone pilot. Mind sharing your settings? Flying in Triipod mode?
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    Dji Care Refresh activation

    Yes, I bought DJI Care Refresh from B&H when I bought the drone. They bundled it with the Fly More kit and a couple of freebies, but no instructions came with the package and nothing on their site.