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Recent content by Dano

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    A nightmare in the Catskill mountains..NY

    You have discovered the local miscreant dope dealers....
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    Hello from LA

    Way cool. Would love to see the project when completed...
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    Very nice job at museum.

    I wish it was me...
  4. D

    Very nice job at museum.

    Yes. I saw it on a news feed and was impressed.
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    Very nice job at museum.

  6. D

    Attempted Takedown with Shotgun?

    He was probably upset you might discover his marijuana operation..
  7. D

    DJI Release DJI Terra for Mapping Missions

    Too bad it's not for the M2...
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    FAA registration number placement

    Bad link...
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    Mavic 2 luts for free

    Downloaded but didn't try grading with them yet. Looks like a decent freebee... Dano Camera Profiles - FilmConvert
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    Mavic 2 Pro with smart glass

    Here is a link
  11. D

    Mavic 2 Pro with smart glass

    Didn't they just come out yesterday with a more updated epson glasses?
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    Which goggles are best

    Anybody use the epson glasses. They announced a new pair yesterday.
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    VR app for DJI drones

    Anybody see this yet? Vermeer Beta: Use Augmented Reality to Control Your Aerial Drones for Video Dano
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    Relevant Black Friday Deals?

    Scandisk 128 micro sd at bestbuy.com...29.00...save a few hundred dollars.
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    What android tablet will work with the zoom? (i dont want to pay $250+)

    Using the galaxy tab 2 from Costco. Works great. 9.7 inch screen.