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Recent content by Fergus McWergus

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    I agree. If I see one more post 'do the new props fit my old Mavic?' I'll scream.....
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    Novelty has warn off quickly

    Gosh I'm just about to buy a pair of these. They look so fantastic. Just too big in my opinion, and I wish they had a small forward facing camera so I wouldn't have to keep checking who's crept up on me sat there. Maybe I should hold off, or buy a Crystalsky
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    Red notification in app

    Ha ha same. Can't seem to clear it and I hate not being able to have a tidy phone!
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    My mavic suddenly wants to land

    These sensors seem to have so many issues....being fooled by sunlight etc. I never had them on the Phantom 3 and so always turn them off on the Mavic. I wonder how many crashes they're responsible for, the irony being that they are supposed to make flying safer!
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    Buying a Mavic Pro in the USA for UK use

    We used to buy cameras in Singapore and bin the boxes. Much easier to 'explain' to Customs & Excise [emoji12] Otherwise it's duty to pay [emoji383]
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    Storm-proof Drone Bag

    Why would you need a storm proof bag? Not like you'll be flying in a storm!
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    Did you know your Mavic charger could do this?

    Would be more impressed if it could charge the crystal sky!