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Recent content by Filaofsoul

  1. Filaofsoul

    Seoul, South Korea

    Annyeonghaseyo! Namsam Tower one of my favorite spots while living in Korea! WOW how things have changed. I lived in Youngsan. Enjoyed the Flashback!! Nice Flying!!
  2. Filaofsoul

    Video on using Google Earth Pro to visually create Litchi missions

    Very Well Done! Straight to the point and excellently explained! Gonna have to Try!
  3. Filaofsoul

    Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum owner from Central NJ. Hello All

    Hello from Willingboro New Jersey! Enjoy the Forum!
  4. Filaofsoul

    Sunset over the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Schuylkill River (2019-12-31)

    These are great pics! I'm across the river in Jersey. hope to meet some Philly flyers. Flew from Penn Treaty Park once but the group disappeared. When weather breaks hope to meet up with some Philly Flyers. I have Mavic Air - Zoom. and Osmo Pocket which I'm tuning up for the flower show...
  5. Filaofsoul

    Mavic 2019 Year In Review

    One year of flying so far so good but still a lot more to learn. Looking forward to another. Here is a video compilation of Video shots I took during 2019 using my Mavic Air, Mavic Zoom, OSMO Pocket and Car DashCam. Enjoy and Thanks for Watching.
  6. Filaofsoul

    Your best Pictures to date (not videos)s

    First Flight With Mavic Zoom!
  7. Filaofsoul

    What was your first computer?

    Commodore Vic 20 Ahhh those run Commands!! Swapped out for Commodore Amiga. .
  8. Filaofsoul


    Welcome to the Forum. NJ here also! Willingboro!
  9. Filaofsoul

    Post Production Software

    The problem with DaVinci Resolve 16 is that it now only works on a computer with Windows 10 installed. If you are using Windows 8 or earlier there is no more support coming from Blackmagic for that platform..thus Media Expired. I would suggest you try Filmora 9. Learning curve is quick and not...
  10. Filaofsoul

    Hello from Soggy Suffolk UK

    Age Just Number. LOL I started at age 68 with my first drone. Will be 70 in April and just picked up a Mavic Zoom to go along with my Mavic Air and my training Drone a Holy Stone 181 which started it all. I hang out with the young guys all the time. Keeps me and the mind Fresh!! Fly Brother...
  11. Filaofsoul

    I design a ferrari skin on my Mavic2 Pro

    WOW! That is TIGHT! Never going to be a question "Which one is yours"
  12. Filaofsoul

    Pics from yesterday's session

    Nice Pics. Where they taken RAW or JPEG? I just started using Light room a couple of days ago and man what a difference it makes to photos with just a few corrections. I was missing out with the stuff I was posting. I think they said my pics were great pics because they were drone shots. None...
  13. Filaofsoul

    Members YouTube channel's ( ONLY POST LINK NOTHING ELSE )

    Just Helped the Brother Out!!!
  14. Filaofsoul

    A Day In The Park - Ringoes New Jersey

    A day in the Park with my Mavic Zoom and OSMO Pocket. This was my second flight with my Mavic Zoom - made the plunge (ya know what I mean) a couple days ago also got the smart controller. Was a little cautious since some characteristics different from my Mavic Air but with the combo it was...