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Recent content by FollySteve

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    Nowhere to fly?? NOWHERE!!!

    B4UFly is not a very good App. Air map is much better. It will provide more accurate locations of airspace and will also give rules and recommended practices for flying under recreational rules vs commercial rules. As others have said however, you should look for safe, open space to learn to...
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    First flight, lots of questions

    Regarding camera pivot, the Mavic camera is fixed in the forward position. The only way to pitch the camera left or right is to yaw the entire aircraft. YouTube is a good source of information for learning settings and how to navigate the many menus in the DJI Go 4 app. It takes awhile but with...
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    First flight, lots of questions

    Supplied USB cable bus junk. Yes you can use the USB port on the bottom to connect your device. Amazon has short USB cables especially for drones that should be your first purchase. Have fun and plan your flights. Best way to avoid an early crash is to stay above the highest obstacle until you...
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    Batteries Best Auto Discharge Setting

    Hello all, I have my batteries set to auto discharge after 5 days but am finding that I frequently recharge them within a few days after the discharge cycle. I am with wondering if it would be better to switch to a 10 day setting to reduce recharge cycles. Which is better for the battery...
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    How do you know when it's too windy to fly?

    The most important thing about wind speed is to be aware of the direction and too not venture downwind until you are confident about how much headway you can make when returning back upwind. If wind is significant, I try to plan my flight so that the RTH point is generally downwind or at least...
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    Viewing solar eclipse with Mavic

    My thoughts are that it will be 2 minutes that you will want to remember and I would rather spend it taking in the experience than operating gear. I like the idea of leaving it hovering to capture people's expressions, etc. I think the capturing the shadow may be problematic. If autoexposure...
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    Waiting time between flights?

    Drive it. 4 batteries back to back. No problems. You do want to let batteries cool before charging though.
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    Anyone use the NEW app?

    Log DroneDeploy is my #1 wishlist item. DJI Log import works well enough. My other primary flight control app is DD. Logging DD manually is a pain. Really like the software otherwise. Intergrated AirData, checklist and equipment logs is nice. Thanks Steve