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Recent content by Gabrielle

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    Jordan & Israel drone use

    Hi, I’m planning to fly to Jordan & Israel in September and October this year. Has anyone successfully obtained the required permits? I am seeking assistance to obtain all the legal requirements as I will be flying into Amman and using the boarder crossings from Jordan to Israel and also the...
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    Sun hood for camera

    Has anyone used an aftermarket sun hood for their Mavic? Just wondering if they are worth getting. Do they shield the camera sufficiently to reduce glare? If so what brand do you recommend?
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    Loch Lomond,Scotland

    Great footage! What settings did you use? Any ND filters?
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    How to prevent or remove polarization halo

    Hi anyone have any idea how to prevent this polarization halo in my images. I was using the polar pro ND4/PL filter. Thanks!
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    Polarized filter for Mavic

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    Ultrasonic sensor failure after firmware upgrade

    Just checked and yes the sensors were all clean... Very odd
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    Polarized filter for Mavic

    Hi I was wondering what sort of polarized filter I should use on my Mavic? I shoot a lot of water shots with glare ruining my photos. What type of polarize would you recommend? I don’t need the nd filters as I prefer not to slow my shutter speed down.
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    Ultrasonic sensor failure after firmware upgrade

    Hi, after recently upgrading my Mavic to the latest firmware I have noticed that I consistently get ultrasonic sensor failure. The Mavic is no longer stable in the air and it drifts and rises and falls by itself. Anyone else had this problem? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Emirates accept drones as checked-in baggage only

    I didn't have any issues whatsoever
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    Late night lights in Sactown, Ca

    Great video! Very impressive video quality! I would just say that the transitions are just too rapid for the night scenes your showing. Interesting thing is that I can't see any noise which is surprising for a video shot at night with the Mavic. What settings did you use on the Mavic and what...
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    Night Shots (with some post processing)

    Looks great, what program & processing did you use on the images and what settings for the Mavic?
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    Emirates accept drones as checked-in baggage only

    I just returned home to Australia from a big Europe trip and travelled through Dubai and many European countries with my Mavic in my camera backpack with no issues whatsoever. I also had my spare battery and remote all together.